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5/1/23 - 10/01/23

We take tremendous pride in Iroquois Campground & RV Park. Our plans for future enhancements, individual comfort, and enjoyment may require a periodic policy change. We encourage feedback, suggestions, and ideas because improvements over the years are often a direct result of your input! Thanks for staying with us.

- Robin and Tanya Aguglia

The following policies have been established to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay at Iroquois Campground & RV Park. We have established these policies to benefit the majority of campers, provide consideration for other campers, and to safeguard the beauty of the park.  


Many of our policies are the direct result of the Clinton County Health Department and NY State regulations. Some of the policies may be inconvenient at times, but are necessary to continue to provide the finest camping experience.

1) SEASON: May 1st - October 1st (Last night September 30) is the time period when water, electric, and sewer are provided. Licensees may visit but not camp before and after the season as-per county health department permit. The gate will be locked from October to May 1. Please plan accordingly. You may walk in.


2) CAMPSITES: ONE recreational vehicle/camper per site. A wooden storage shed stained brown placed at the rear of site is allowed, but not to exceed 8 x 8. The storage shed cannot be made of pallet wood and no power to the shed is permitted.


Sites must be kept orderly, clean, and maintained. Seasonal campers/Licensees are responsible for raking, trimming, cleaning, and mowing grass on their sites. Sites must be cleaned and picked-up by May 20th. Piles must be brought to the edge of the road for pickup. Please do not pile leaves/debris around the base of trees or stumps. This makes loading it extremely difficult. No piling of debris on weekends, as we want campground to be clear of piles prior to the weekend. Please do not put sticks of any size in the piles for pick-up. Our equipment will not pick up sticks of any size.


3) DEPOSIT PAYMENT: Storage fee ($100) and site deposit ($100) is required by October 1st to reserve site for next season. Half of the balance is due Jan 1st. and the remaining balance is due May 1st. A LATE CHARGE OF $100.00 per month will be charged to your account if not paid by June 1st.

4) SITES: Sites are licensed to the Licensee for use solely by the Licensee and immediate family, spouse/partner, and unmarried children under 21 years of age, residing with the Licensee. Sub-licensing of a site or recreational vehicle on the site is NOT allowed. If you are a party of two you may elect a third person and they will be considered a licensee. The third person will remain the same for the entire season.

5) REFUNDS: Refunds will NOT be given if Licensee chooses to leave before the expiration of the license, or is evicted for policy violations.


6) VISITORS:  All visitors MUST register at the office upon arrival (even when riding with Licensee) and must be visiting a licensee, who is present, on the grounds. It is the Licensee's responsibility to register visitors riding with the Licensee or arriving with him/her when the office is open. Camp visiting hours are from 9am - 10pm. All visitors must pay a visitor fee per person or an overnight fee for each person per night. NO EXCEPTIONS ON VISITOR FEES. Licensee is accountable for all guests, who should be informed of campground policies.


7) QUIET HOURS: Our camp quiet hours are from 10pm - 8am. No disturbing sounds or noises are to be heard off the site or anywhere on the grounds. Construction, building, or repairs involving hammering, sawing, drilling are permitted between the hours of 9am - 6pm. Quiet hours may be adjusted on Holiday weekends and will be posted by management.


8) SPEED LIMITS: Our camp speed limit is 5 MPH within the entire campground beginning when you pass the security gate entrance. This will be strictly enforced. ONLY licensed operators may operate vehicles on our grounds per insurance regulations.

9) CHILDREN: Children under the age of 15 are not to be left without adult supervision if you depart from the campground. Children 12 years of age and under MUST be accompanied by an adult in bathrooms and recreation halls. Helmets are required when riding bicycles and all cyclists must ride at a reasonable speed. Cyclists should not ride too close to people, animals, or cars and should not block roadways or walkways. Children are to be at their campsite, under responsible adult supervision, after dark. Our playground is closed after dark - no exceptions.

10) PETS: Please pick up after your pets and have them leashed at all times. There are doggy potty stations with pickup bags situated around the park for your convenience. Pets are not allowed to run free within the park at any time. No cables/chains wrapped around trees are allowed; this damages the bark. An annual vaccination certificate must be shown and please be prepared to leave a copy of each of your pet(s) vaccinations records for our records. Pets MUST always be supervised and waste picked up. Not all campers are animal lovers.

11) FIRES: Fires are allowed only within fire rings and must be a reasonable size. No fires are to be left unattended. ALL FIRES MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BEFORE LEAVING THE CAMPGROUND. Household garbage and pet food left outside attracts unwanted animals - please do not leave any of these items on your porches or in fire rings. NO GARBAGE or PLASTIC IS TO BE BURNED - per New York State Law.


12) ADVANCED NOTICE: Please inform us if you are expecting company, plan to make any changes or improvements to your lot (Carport, Sheds, Decks, etc), planning a large get together, etc. We discourage large gatherings on our Holiday weekends, when we are full, as it becomes an occupancy issue with the Clinton County Health Department.


13) MAIL/PACKAGES: Stop into the office regularly to check for mail, notices, bills, and/or to update registration cards. We receive a lot of packages for our campers. Please pick them up immediately. We do not have room to store them.


14) REFUSE DISPOSAL:  Dumpsters are for household garbage generated in the park ONLY. Please do not bring your garbage from your home. Please flatten all cardboard boxes before placing in the dumpsters as they take up a huge amount of space. Do not leave any items outside of the dumpster. They will not be picked up by the sanitation trucks. If you have unwanted items to give away, put up notices on our notice boards located in the laundry room, near bathrooms, and in the office. Unwanted bottles and cans with deposits can be left in marked containers provided in the dumpster area. We will use the proceeds to fund some activities. NO GARBAGE or PLASTIC IS TO BE BURNED - per New York State Law.


15) ELECTRIC/WATER: Conserving electricity and water should be a priority for ALL campers. Please do not use electric heaters, fryers, frying pans, or tea kettles. We are not on a residential electric rate similar to your homes. Ours is a commercial rate which is a lot more expensive. We do not want to have to raise our electric rate. Your water supply is provided by 3 private wells which are tested monthly and are located in well houses around the park. We are not on town water. Washing of campers should be limited to the beginning of the summer and at the very end of the season. Do not clean campers on weekends. Cars should be brought to the carwash. There is one located in Peru. Do not use Camper/RV washing machines at any time because of flow limitations of our current sewer system.


16) SAFETY: It is VERY important to us to run a safe, friendly, and clean park. With that in mind, we would appreciate your help. If you see any suspicious activity/individuals or hear any disturbances; please report this to Robin or Tanya after hours by calling 518-569-6972. All information will be kept strictly confidential. It is very important to address any problems before they start or while in progress to resolve them. A neighborhood (campground) watch helps keep your families and belongings safe while providing you with an enjoyable camping experience.


17) THEME WEEKEND: Our Theme Weekend date will be posted on our calendar on the website and in the office. If you would like to help out for this weekend, please sign up in the office.


18)  WEEKLY EVENTS: Regular weekly events will be posted in the office and on our online calendar on our website. These events will run throughout the summer. Everyone is welcome.


19) LAUNDRY: Please do not use clotheslines that are attached to trees or poles. You may have a laundry line that hooks on the back of your camper and folds up when you are done. With the amount of seasonal campers we have, clotheslines would become an eyesore. Our restroom sinks are not to be used for washing dishes or clothes.


20) POOL SAFETY & RULES: Pool rules and supervision have become an issue with the Clinton County Health Department. Please be aware that there is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Two or more adults, 18 years of age or older, must be at the pool when the swimming facility is in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Visitors of our registered campers must sign in at the office and will receive a copy of the pool rules as per the Clinton County Health Department. You are responsible for the conduct of your visitors and their children at all times. The pool is not for horseplay. There is NO DIVING or JUMPING from anywhere into pool! And please, never swim alone.

21) TREES: Cutting or trimming trees is not allowed. Please contact management if you would you like your trees trimmed. NO nails, screws, ropes, wires or cables are to be attached to trees.


22) BLACK/GRAY WATER: Grease or ashes are not to be dumped on the ground – per New York State Law.



24) PRIVACY: The privacy of other campers is to be respected. DO NOT WALK OR DRIVE THROUGH ANY SITE, VACANT OR OCCUPIED. Please remind your children and guests of that. Licensees are responsible for the actions and deeds of their children and guests.

25) GOLF CARTS: Golf carts are allowed but MUST BE INSURED and have HEADLIGHTS AND REAR LIGHTS. Please bring a copy of your insurance card to the office and be prepared to leave a copy with us for our files. You must be AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD and have a valid driver’s license in order to operate a golf cart. Erratic operation of a golf cart is grounds for losing your privilege of having a golf cart. Golf carts must adhere to the 5 MPH speed limit within the ENTIRE campground day or night. ATVs or Mini Bikes are not allowed to operate anywhere in the park. Hoverboards, electric scooters, or peddle cars are also not allowed to operate anywhere in the park.

26) INTERNET: Please do not stream movies, Netflix, Hulu or live news while connected to Iroquois Campground internet. This causes issues for all campers. Download movies BEFORE you come to the campground. Thank you for being considerate of all Iroquois campers.


27) BOATS/TRAILERS: All boats and utility trailers MUST be stored in the dead storage area or at the maintenance building with expressed permission from management only. There may be exceptions to this rule.


28) SEASONAL SITE RENEWAL: Please let Robin or Tanya know if you are NOT Returning BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1.


28A) SALE OF CAMPER: If you decide to sell your camper, the Iroquois Campground Seasonal Site does NOT go with it. All new seasonal campers must be approved by the owners of the campground. 

29) SEASON ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: ALL SEASONALS MUST CHECK-IN at the office upon arrival AND CHECK-OUT at the office during their final departure of the season.   


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